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Microsoft–Scaling Agile Across the Enterprise

WaterFall Model

A couple of weeks ago, Microsoft released a set of videos, Scaling Agile Across the Enterprise, where the Developer Division talks about how they moved from a more waterfall process to a more agile process.

I found the videos interesting and enlightening for a variety of reasons. Microsoft used to be a completely waterfall model company.  But Agile made its way into the company like it does in most other organizations, slowly through small teams, and began to spread through the organization.  And now all of DevDiv is using it, and being extremely successful with it (case in point, VSO is updating every three weeks).

I also found the videos rather motivating. Whether you are a small company or a large company, implementing some sort of Agile methodology is going to return results for you.

Here at Infront, we are starting to use some Agile methodologies within our work. I’m finding that these methodologies can apply to both IT Pro work as well as Development, and we are applying them to both.  I’m specifically going to be exploring Kanban over the next few months, as a way to track work on a couple of internal projects.  And of course, I’ll be using Team Foundation Server 2013 to do this.


Channel 9 Edge Show–DevOps Panel

Channel 9 Edge Show – DevOps Panel – Tech Ed North America 2014

Channel 9 Edge Show – DevOps Panel – Tech Ed North America 2014

During Tech Ed 2014 North America,I had the opportunity to be part of a panel of experts on the Channel 9 show Edge, talking about DevOps.  In the 32 minute conversation, we cover the following questions:

  • [02:08] When have you seen Development, Operations, and the Business people work well or not together?
  • [05:37] Are you seeing companies bring in new “DevOps” titled employees or are they hiring from existing employees?  Why?
  • [08:05] How does the Microsoft Azure team utilize DevOps principles in regards to people?
  • [11:52] How are you seeing infrastructure as code making an impact with DevOps?
  • [14:30] Where do you see process helping or hindering with DevOps?
  • [18:20] Where do you see developers desiring for operations to help them out?
  • [20:05] What’s the future vision of the new Microsoft Azure portal to integrate Development with Operations in the overall application lifecycle?
  • [21:28] Where do you see PowerShell DSC play a part with DevOps?
  • [23:00] What Open Source development tools do you (Richard) find useful which interoperate with Microsoft products and what would you like to see which doesn’t exist yet?
  • [24:35] Where do you (Mickey) find customers using System Center tools with DevOps?
  • [25:33] Why did Microsoft create the new Microsoft Azure portal?
  • [27:44] How is Microsoft embracing open source with the new Microsoft Azure portal?
  • [25:08] Why don’t we see Docker being supported on Windows?
  • [30:44] Any general tips to companies who want to get started with DevOps?

From Code to Release: DevOps for Developers

DevOps for Developers

I’m thrilled to have been selected to deliver a pre-conference session at TechEd 2014 in Houston.  My good friend Brian Randell and I will be talking about “From Code To Release: DevOps for Developers”. Click the link above to read the abstract.

I’ve been lucky enough to speak at TechEd on and off over the past several years. This year, with a pre-con, its going to be slightly different. Instead of having to prepare a 75 minute presentation, we have to create essentially an all-day seminar.  This is both exciting and scary!  Luckily, I’m partnering up with Brian Randell, my co-author and friend, and we intend on knocking this out of the park.

2014 is starting off strong!